Niseko Property offers a boutique property management service focusing on long term rental properties, primarily in Kutchan Town. We provide property maintenance, invoice paying and book keeping. In our leasing services in we source, screen and look after long term tenants for properties we manage.

All our property owners have access to our online system showing property details, trust account details, invoices (plus month-to-date) and real time cash flow statements.

We do not offer bookings directly but work in tandem with fantastic companies that do, so feel free to contact us with any kind of property management in Niseko.

Services included in our monthly fee

  • Exclusive trust account and domestic money handling
  • General property management
  • Arranging snow clearing
  • Arranging kerosene delivery
  • Winter preparation, summer preparation (water drainage, heating, etc.)
  • Utility bill payments
  • Fixed asset tax payments
  • Arranging grass/weed clearing
  • Regular property visits and mail checking whilst property is vacant
  • Detailed yearly property inspection and report

Other services charged at an hourly rate

  • Arranging property maintenance/repairs
  • Arranging extra snow clearing (roof clearing, snow removal)
  • Assisting with and arranging yearly tax return

Our monthly fee varies by property and is determined by how the property is used. For extra services, we charge in increments of 15 minutes but we rarely charge for work that takes less than 10 minutes. It is part of our business philosophy to keep extra charges to a minimum and always ask for approval for extra work (except for emergencies).

Please contact us for more details.

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